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Meet the Team. Get the Latest News. By clicking the checkbox, you agree to receive marketing emails from MRS Digital. Read our Privacy Policy for more on how we handle data. 30th June 2020. Categories: Content Marketing SEO. Citations vs Backlinks: Whats the difference? Estimated Read Time: 5 minutes. Citations and backlinks can both benefit your SEO in similar ways butitsimportant to be able to differentiate them. Citations are slightly harder to comprehend than backlinks, as you can receive citations in different forms. Check our guide below on how to differentiate thetwo, andbuild them into your SEO strategy. WhatsThe Difference Between a Citation and a Backlink? The difference between a citation and a backlink is simple, a citation is a direct online mention of your businesss name, address and phone number. Similar to a backlink, citations will benefit your SEO by determining online authority to your business. A backlink, however, is a direct link to your website from a page on another website. The Definition of a Citation. Citations can be tricky, as partial citations are not as beneficial as full citations.
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Reviews arent exactly one of the major local ranking factors for local search optimization, but more so a conversion factor when your potential local customers are deciding between you and your competitors, and as a local business owner, you want to ensure that when you appear in the local search results that you win the business. Below is an example of a local search that we conducted, you can see that this business appears as they have worked on their local SEO.
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No matter how you slice it, backlinks are the fuel for your SEO engine - whether its local or otherwise. Every backlink you get on your company website tells Google youre a legit business, and these links raise your domain authority.
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This will provide some insights into how other businesses have built backlinks in the same local space. Additionally, find businesses with a lot of traction and run their site through a link analysis tool to reverse engineer their local backlinks. Gain More Local Customers and Traffic. Local link building is a key component of an effective local SEO strategy because it will drive more customers and referral traffic to your business. Without local SEO, your business will be less competitive online for attracting and retaining local customers because most people dont go past the first page of Google search results. Take advantage of local SEO's' many benefits through a strategy crafted by experts. Call 407.682.2222 or go online to schedule a free 30-minute local SEO strategy session today! Did you like this post? Sign up for our Tips and Trends list and we'll' let you know each week when we have a new one. Sign Up Now. Web Design 25. Web Development 31. Search Engine Optimization 92.
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You should consistently be creating and managing citations, reading and addressing customer reviews, building your backlink profile, creating new content for your website, and doing your best to stay active online. Googles algorithm is constantly changing, so even if you rank high in local search results or are featured in the Local Pack one day, it doesnt mean youll stay there forever-especially if you do nothing. Dont have time to handle a local search strategy yourself? Hire a local SEO company to help you out!
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Inbound links are incredibly powerful opportunities to boost your local SEO. Make Social Media Profiles. The first step in creating local links is to create social media profiles. Using platforms like google my business is a smart way to connect with your clients outside of your website, and its also one of the most straightforward ways for link building strategy. Due to the strong domain authority of social media platforms, these forms of backlinks help to improve your websites backlink profile.
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I want to try GMB first, and I will try all other local SEO tips. The guide is easy to understand. Ps bookmarking this page for reference. Brian Dean says.: I appreciate that. The entire Backlinko team put a ton of effort into this guide. So its nice to hear that youre getting so much value from it. Nathan Grieve says.: I had never heard of NAP citations before - definitely something to start! Brian Dean says.: Hi Nathan, if you want to rank a local business website, NAPs are humongous.
A Comprehensive Guide to Local SEO in 2022.
For United States companies, these four map data aggregators provide a large amount of the map data for Apple, Yelp, Bing, Google, Trip Advisor, and more. Consistency is key: verify that your citations are consistent and complete across these four data aggregators. Discrepancies like misspellings, abbreviations, lack of suite number or wrong phone number can be problematic. If Google can't' determine which information about your business is correct, it may not show your business at all in search results. Additionally, be sure to remove any duplicate listings you find. Bonus points for emphasizing a Chambers of Commerce membership in your community, which will garner you an external inbound link. Perform a local SEO audit.

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